Friday, September 18, 2009

Face Book

Somehow I've been asked this question many times.....

Anonymous: Hey! Do you have a facebook?


Annoyingmouse: Why don't you make one?

Yes, over the past few months I've been bombarded with many question like those or similar.

So here's my answer:

No! I don't have a facebook and neither am I going to make one for now or in the near future. I can't even possible find time to blog about 'how I couldn't make time for blogging' what more facebook?

So far the only social network I ever signed-up for an account was friendster.

But it's dead now after 2 years of inactivity.

Based on what other people have been talking about, facebook is the new in-thing, it's fun and who ever doesn't have one is outdated.

Apparently my mom has a facebook.....

So does that mean I'm more outdated then my mom?

Its annoys me that the fact everyone that has facebook will chatter among themselves leaving me dumbfounded like a social outcast.

I felt so annoyed with the constant persuasion and request from my peers. I have finally gave in and made myself one.

So here's my facebook.....